Leadership Development for Adults & for Youth 
Strategic Planning for New Leaders
Developing Time Strategies - or staying ahead of the game!

B.J.Dandro, MBA, & Associates
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  • deliverables include a Dynamically-Focused, interactive oral and written process with individual coaching and/or group engagement over several weeks to reinforce skills and develop positive habits
  • one-on-one leadership/management coaching for new leaders/managers
  • team development for cohesion and productivity - especially during times of change
CONTACT ME FOR A NO-OBLIGATION DISCUSSION: 727-515-1480727-515-1480 or email: Barbara@bjdandro.com
My Client Service Promise: to communicate, to inform, and to focus on your needs!
    Leadership Coaching or Team Workshops - 
    What are your career or professional goals and objectives? 
    How do you know that everyone on your team is "on board"?
    How do you know that you have the ability to lead? 

    Strategic Planning for Leaders - 
    Are you moving in a defined strategic direction?
    Do you have the competitive edge?  How do you know?
    Are you focused and enthusiastic about this focus? 
    How motivated are you to achieve your goals and/or dreams?

    Time Strategies: How to be Proactive to Accomplish Goals

    Are you organized to handle today's new demands? 
    Are you "reacting" instead of "acting" in well-thought out strategies?


    How do we work with you for the results you want?
    Identifying obvious challenges may be somewhat easy; what about the underlying ones?
    What are the determining habits of thought and attitudes that lead to specific behaviors - positive and negative?
    With your goals in mind, we examine not only S.M.A.R.T goal setting strategies in various areas, but also we use our proven Success Formula and process/program for goal achievement, developing the interpersonal skills necessary for action-based results. Our process requires a commitment of 5-7 weeks to develop habits of thought and action steps all geared toward achieving success. 

    Meetings or coaching sessions require a 1-2 hour commitment each week -
    in person, by phone, or by Skype!

    Together, we can implement the right, customized interactive and written program for your positive outcome!

    To schedule a complimentary consultation:  Phone: 727-515-1480727-515-1480 

    Can we help you learn English as a second Language?
    Strategic partner, Mike Miller, is a master teacher of English as a Second  Language. 
    For details, visit:
    English in Florida  is a Second Language study program with private tutors.

    Thriving with Positive Attitudes
    true leadership dilemmas with logical resolutions by Barbara J. Dandro, MBA

    Why do people mainly seek out, find, and focus on the negative? Really, there is another side! And it's logical, too, in almost every circumstance.  A little emotional intelligence can truly go a long way!
    Many people, from high-level executives to hard-working employees, have habits of behavior and self-expression that, with or without their realization, can alienate others. Individuals can actually learn and apply a differing side: the brighter, delightful, cognitively logical, happy, and engaging aspect of earthly existence.  
    This book is a collection of true stories. The situations and personalities involved go from a Florida advertising agency to a vacation in South America. The moral of each story presented in Thriving with Positive Attitudes is composed of insights that reveal that entire situations could be changed just by viewing a few or all of the characters and circumstances from a slightly different angle.
    (As heard on "Let's Talk EI" Talkzone Internet Talk Radio)
    A leader's guide to handing challenging situations in a rational, common-sense manner!
    "The greatest ability in business is to  get along with others and to influence their actions."   - John  Hancock
    Just $9.95 from 
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